Thursday, November 29, 2007


OMG I am wasting so much time exploring Ravelry!

WIPs 'n Things

Finally, here it is. A review of What's Been Happenin' in the knitting world since my dramatic move to Boulder - With Photos! Back to normal. Please enjoy.

The environsI mentioned more than a month ago that it had already started snowing here in the mountains. It hasn't really stopped - not for very long, anyway. It just comes and goes. Here is a view from my window. Waking up this morning, early for the run that never happened, I saw approximately this view - and without my glasses thought that the pond was somehow steaming. But even crazier, the pond has begun to freeze. The hills are still green, what with all of the conifers, but winter is surely approaching.

What's on the needles

Yet another handwarming doll from Knitty. I can't help myself. I have the yarn, I have the passion. . . unfortunately I no longer have the needles! I'm not really sure what I did with my size 10's, but the lack of them has been plaguing me. Anyhow. Bobble nose.

The Cap Shawl is still not done! Here it is. Achingly close. Oh-so-achingly close. Vandyck borders will be the end of me. But it does make the whole thing look delightfully formal. Unfortunately, I just don't think I like knitting lace in and of itself - I have a couple of projects I'd like to try, but I'm clearly a process- and not a product-knitter, and I can't stand repetitive patterns. Sigh. It will be done someday. Maybe for spring, when a lace shawl will actually be wearable. Or are springs as short as falls out here?

Kitty interlude

This delicate lady is Miss Kitty. Please excuse the action shot. She's actually something like 17 years old (so my roommate tells me), but you wouldn't believe it to look at her. I adore cats, but this one has developed a determination to inhabit my room. Now, anytime I leave my door even slightly cracked, I turn around, see her there, and we promptly engage in a game of Keep Kitty Away from the Bed. I'm starting to fear for my. . .


Hello there!

Thrift store snag. The colors are a little prettier and warmer than they look - two cones deep black lace-weight, three cones assorted DK or sport blue, and one glorious soft pink in lace-weight. They all come from various mills in the UK, and in total they set me back - wait for it - $6. That's right. Lovely wool, 1000's of yards, a dollar a piece. I was saintly and actually didn't buy out the store's entire supply.

And finally..

It will eat you!

The Fair Isle Sweater progresses. The decision I mentioned? Not to do the pattern over the entire body. I can't really explain the entirety of the reasoning behind this, only that it really felt like the right thing to do.

So that is why the bottom border is so abrupt. The change I'm going to have to make is to take off the ribbing at the bottom, add 5 or 6 rows in the striping pattern below it as a frame for the band, and put on a wider band of ribbing. But it will be worth it - so worth it.

I have to say again, I love this yarn. I love this project in general. But the yarn - New England Shetland - is just so beautiful! The colors are amazing, and the photos don't do them justice. And though the yarn, unwashed, it is a real pleasure to knit, and I can console myself with the fact that it will soften after it's washed and blocked.

I have to say, one of the reasons that I'm enjoying this project so much is that I adore the colors. Because of the tight money situation, I've never really indulged in a large quantity of yarn in colors that I love - my selection has always been more determined by what's available on sale. It just gives me such a feeling of pleasure to see these colors unfold as I go, the beautiful punchy blues set against the stripes of green and teak and brown and lovely reds that blend together like guache.. I'm digging it.

One mild complaint: Elizabeth Zimmerman ruined my gauge! Ever since I read Knitting Without Tears, in which she advocates knitting loosely, my gauge has been out of control. I think about it too much - I get worried - I let it change mid-project. Look closely at the borders of the Cap Shawl and you might be able to see what I'm talking about. I had to frog two inches of the Fair Isle Sweater last night for just that reason. Sigh. I suppose it will settle down eventually.

So that's what's been happening in this girl's knitting world - other than a few designs in the works for the coming months. I have dreams of Knitty submissions. I'll try to post photos more regularly from now on.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Progress, Progress 2

My Thanksgiving coma was spent on the couch (back home in Missouri!) knitting on my Fair Isle Sweater, and I've arrived at a decision. I think it's a good one, for a variety of reasons on which I will expound later, though it will make necessary an annoying alteration to what I've already done! Oh, well. Pictures of it (for it looks verah pretteh) as soon as I figure out my folks' camera/

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Progress, progress

Weekly Craft Night was, as usual, last night. Other people than me actually brought projects this time :) it's a constantly-evolving thing, and now it seems like it must include the week's new episode of Project Runway. It feels just like evenings at Grrrl House in college.

Seems like the ladies have given up on learning to make socks for now. I got excited, though, and have continued working on the sock I cast on just as a demonstration in purple, Kool-aid-dyed wool (same as in the Fair Isle Socks but purple). Finished one a couple of nights ago and have decided to give them to my gentleman friend, as they are too big for me. He appreciates them, even though they are purple, and manages to look quite handsome. However, the ankles are sagging even around his massive bones. Does anyone have any advice on adding elastic to already-knitted socks?

So last night I continued working on my fair isle sweater. It is slowly growing. I am more than halfway through one entire repeat of the pattern, and it's looking beautiful. I'll post pictures soon. The question I have is whether it will be too busy with an all-over pattern. Have some ideas..

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Best Day EVER

No longer homeless, now no longer jobless.. This girl is now (almost entirely officially) a paid mathematics researcher! Getting money! For my brain! Salary! Vacation!

Today is the day my Ravelry invite came!!!

:purely happy:

Monday, November 5, 2007

Craft Night

A picture from the Inaugural Craft Night. We were trying to learn to make socks. Notice the skillfully handled DPNs!

My salvation here in Boulder is definitely Craft Night. Even though the trend is to not really get much done (last time there were only three of us and we watched Dirty Dancing), it's a great group of people who are really fun to spend time with. Can't wait until Wednesday.